Wood v Aluminium

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It takes 9 times more Energy to produce a steel stud as it does to produce a comparable wood stud.

It takes 5 times more energy to produce aluminium siding rather than wood siding.

It takes 3 times more energy to extract and produce a concrete block than to produce its equivalent weight of wood.

Producing a 4” concrete slab floor requires 21 times more energy than producing a wood deck.

Wood has 413 times the resistance to heat transfer (R-Value) of steel, 2000 times that of aluminium and 8 times that of concrete.


A steel frame building uses 4,000 times more coal, oil and natural gas to process than wood.

Aluminium production results in 8 times the air emissions and 300 times the water emissions of lumber production.

The production of concrete emits 2 to 3 times more carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons than the production of lumber.

Totally biodegradable wood waste accounts for only 7% of the volume of U.S landfills. Totally NON-biodegradable plastics account for 25% to 30% of landfill space.


Wood is the only readily renewable natural resource and it is increasing in reserves every year.

The total volume of wood growing in the U.S is 25% greater today than it was in 1952.

Even steel containing 60% recycled material consists of 40% virgin material that was mined from the earth and cannot be replaced.

The synthetic materials industries (plastic, vinyl, etc) rely on oil and natural gas for 98% of the raw materials and the World Resources Institute estimated reserves of natural gas would last only 58 years at 1988 production rates.

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