Energy Efficiency

Moar Windows & Doors specialise in energy efficient double glazed windows and doors, and we offer a glazing solution to meet your needs and keep you more comfortable all year round.

THE RIGHT glazing

Energy efficient double glazing is an effective way to provide window insulation, making your home more comfortable while dramatically reducing your energy costs. It can also help to create a brighter, cleaner and healthier environment.

Double glazing refers to a sealed glass unit comprising two sheets of glass separated by a spacer bar. The spacer bar makes an air gap between the glass panes which creates a thermal break between the inside and outside of the window. This also help to control noise while not impeding the view.

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We manufacture our windows and doors using responsibly sourced FSC New Guinea Rosewood.

Wood is a natural insulator and the only renewable, sustainable building material. Wood stores carbon, moderates humidity and has been proven to have a positive effect on your mood.

Using timber for your windows is not only the right choice for your home, but the right choice for the planet.

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Choosing the right style of window goes a long way to ensuring ongoing energy efficiency in your home.

The right window can ensure your home gets enough ventilation to avoid rising temperatures or unwanted moisture, and can seal well.

By combining the right style of window for the space with energy efficient double glazing, you can ensure your home remains comfortable year round.

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