Terms & Conditions

All contracts made with Moar Windows & Doors by any customer for any products are subject to these terms and conditions of sale unless otherwise agreed to in writing.


  1. The quotation is valid for a period of 30 days.
  2. All drawings are viewed externally. Drawing many not be drawn to scale.
  3. All timber will be Rosewood with Merbau sills unless otherwise specified.
  4. All timber profiles are standard unless otherwise specified. Materials are subject to availability.
  5. All glazing will be clear (transparent and colourless) unless otherwise specified.
  6. All framing sections will be 140mm x 39mm unless otherwise specified
  7. All quantities and details of this quote must be checked by the client prior to signing the acceptance at the end of these Terms and Conditions
  8. Flyscreens to sliding doors and sliding windows will be fitted internally unless otherwise specified
  9. Casement and awning windows use the Truth Hardware system as a standard product.
  10. Louvres will be non-locking unless specified.
  11. No hardware is supplied to hinged doors. Hinges doors are to be planed, hung and hardware fitted by others.
  12. Glazing will be to AS1288 and AS2047 or to certified architectural design
  13. It is the client’s responsibility on the acceptance of this quotation to provide written confirmation of Wind Rating, BAL Rating and BASIX details.
  14. Moar Windows & Doors accepts NO responsibility for the colour variations in Timber.


  1. Some large doors and windows with double glazing may require onsite assembly and glazing. This will be at an additional cost and where possible noted in our quotation
  2. Delivery is with driver only. Assistance is required with unloading. Extra labour can be pre-arranged at an additional cost.
  3. All job sites must be safely accessible, with your goods to be delivered within 5 metres of our truck. Any special delivery requirements must be arranged with Moar Windows & Doors prior to the delivery date.
  4. Bifolding doors/sashes may be removed for delivery. Re-hanging these types of doors into frames is the responsibility of the purchaser. Should you require Moar Windows & Doors to re-hang doors, this service will need to be arranged in advance and will be charges as an additional cost to this proposal.


  1. Hardware and fittings are warranted for 12 months against normal wear. This warranty does not cover any product which has been improperly installed (e.g. after painters), abused, misused, altered or used for a purpose other than that for which it was intended, nor does it cover corrosion.
  2. We accept no liability for incorrectly installed joinery.
  3. Double Glazed Units are warranted for 10 years from the date of manufacture to remain free from material obscuration of vision resulting from moisture or film formation or dust collection on the interior glass surfaces of the air or argon space under normal condition of use that is visible from 3 metres in normal viewing conditions. NOTE: Travel, Labour and new bead costs will apply to the replacement of failed double glazed units.
  4. All doors and windows are supplied fully primed either with Cutek Oil or Zinsser Cover Stain.
  5. If, during installation, raw timber is exposed additional primer should be applied to the areas especially at the top and bottom edges.
  6. Goods manufactured by Moar Windows & Doors are warranted for a period of 7 years after the goods have been dispatched. During that time, at our discretion, any goods with defects will be repaired or replaced provided that:
    • a) The defects have arisen solely from faulty workmanship by Moar Windows & Doors.
    • b) The goods have not received maltreatments, inattention or interference, and when exposed to environments containing salt or industrial pollutants, have been washed at least once every 3 months.
    • c) Timber windows and doors receive their 2 top coats of oil or solarguard paint to both faces and all edges.
    • d) Light reflective exterior paint finishes (NOT DARK COLOURS) are applied to all products exposed to direct sunlight.
  7. TRADING TERMS: Customers to pay 50% deposit on placement of order and balance upon completion of manufacturing.
  8. PROPERTY: Property in the products shall not tpass to the customer until payment in full, and Moar Windows & Doors reserves the right to take possession of and dispose of the products as it sees fit at any time until full payment has been made, and the customer hereby grants permission to Moar Windows & Doors to enter any land or premises where the products are in order to do so. The customer also accepts liability for the safe custody of the products immediately on delivery, and agrees to indemnify Moar Windows & Doors from any loss sustained in any manner whatsoever in relation hereto, save for warranty claims agreed to by Moar Windows & Doors.
  9. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: The supplier shall not be liable for any claim, loss or expense whatsoever arising which is made after the expiration of seven (7) days from the date of delivery, save for warranty claims agrees to by Moar Windows & Doors.
  10. CUSTOMER TERMS AND CONDITIONS: No terms and conditions sought to be imposed by the customer on Moar Windows & Doors shall prevail except where consistence with these terms and conditions and the written opinion of the Solicitor for the time being of Moar Windows & Doors will be conclusive evidence of consistency or otherwise.
  11. RECOVERY COSTS: The customer will pay to Moar Windows & Doors the costs and expenses incurred by Moar Windows & Doors of Solicitor, legal and advisors, acting on Moar Windows & Doors’ behalf in respect of any recovery or attempted recovery instituted or being considered against the customer whether for debt or possession of the products.
  12. VARIATION: Any variation or cancellation of order must be approved in writing by Moar Windows & Doors.
  13. DEFAULTS: In the event of any default or breach thereof by the customer, Moar Windows & Doors may (Inter alia) retain all monies paid on account of the products and/or cease further deliveries and recover from the customer all loss of prejudice to any other rights of Moar Windows & Doors, without Moar Windows & Doors being liable in any way to any party, whatsoever or howsoever.
  14. SERERABILITY: Any covenant or agreement herein, being a whole clause or part of a clause, which is valid, invalid or unenforceable, shall be capable of severance without affecting any other of these terms and conditions.
  15. INTEREST: If any payment owed to Moar Windows & Doors are not paid within the trading terms that have been agreed to, the customer will pay to Moar Windows & Doors interest on such monies at the rate being charges at that time by the Commonwealth Bank on Overdraft Accounts of less than $100,000, Calculated from the due date until payment is made.



  1. There will be no refund of deposit upon cancellation of works. Any changes to specification of the job must be confirmed in writing or no responsibility will be accepted by Moar Windows & Doors. Excessive changes to quotes may incur an additional cost.
  2. The company reserves the right to charge $100.00 per week for storage if delivery/pick up instructions are not provided within 5 days of completion of works.
  3. Please note: Moar Windows & Doors will charge an administration fee of 2.20% for credit card payments, and the amount to be charged will be advised to the customer at the time of placing the order.


  1. Minor changes and corrections may be clearly noted on the quotation before it is signed and returned to Moar Windows & Doors.
  2. Any changes that may affect the price should be discussed with Moar Windows & Doors representative prior to you accepting this quote. It May be decided to supply you with a revised quotation.
  3. No changes will be made after acceptance unless the changes are specified in writing. Changes may incur additional costs.

Our lead times commence from receipt of all signed documents and payment of deposit